Introduction to the Workday HCM Online Training in USA

Take our advanced and Best Workday HCM Online Training Course in USA by Certified Workday Experts which makes you the best workday professional in no time, Workday HCM is the Innovation for the changing world of HR. Your workforce, how and where people work, even the skills you need continue to shift. So how do you adapt to what the future brings? Meet Workday Human Capital Management (HCM).

Workday Human Capital Management empowers you to curate recommendations, suggest learning, and keep communication open. And do it at scale. HCM deliver intelligent automation across the entire attract-to-pay process, eliminating manual tasks and empowering your people to be their most productive selves.

Workday HCM Online Training Course Content

Core Concepts and Navigation Basics

  • Core Concepts
  • Business Objects
  • Custom labels
  • Basic navigation

Organizations in workday

  • Organization types
  • Supervisory organizations
  • Reorganization
  • Setup of supervisory org structure
  • Managing supervisory organization
  • Creating subordinate organization
  • Dividing a supervisory organization
  • Additional org types
  • Organization hierarchies
  • Organization assignments on supervisory org
  • Organizational reports

Staffing Models

  • Types of staffing models
  • Configuring individual staffing model
  • Hiring restrictions
  • Position management
  • Headcount management
  • Job management
  • Differentiating between staffing models
  • Maintaining staffing model

Jobs & Positions

  • Job profiles
  • Job profiles and localizations
  • Job profiles and compensation Grades
  • Management level hierarchy
  • Differentiating job profiles, job families, job family group
  • Creating job profile (Task)
  • Creating position and headcount groups
  • Managing filled and unfilled position and headcount groups
  • Creating positions (Task)
  • Edit position restrictions and Edit position
  • Close position vs managing a hiring freeze


  • Compensation Overview
  • Compensation Components
  • Compensation Elements
  • Compensation Plans
  • Salary
  • Hourly, Allowance
  • One Time Payment, Merit, Bonus.
  • Compensation Grades, Grade Profiles and Steps
  • Compensation Package Compensation Eligibility Rules

Security Groups

  • Security groups
  • Security group types
  • Configurable security
  • Functional areas, securable items and security policies

Defining Business Processes

  • Business Processes Overview
  • Navigating to a Business Process Definition
  • Supervisory Organizations and Business Processes
  • Editing a Business Process
  • Condition Rules
  • Adding a Notification
  • Copying a Business Process

Transactions in Workday

  • Creating applicants
  • Hiring in supervisory organizations
  • Assigning user based security groups
  • Hire into position/job/headcount management
  • Staffing movement
  • Termination
  • Request delegation, rescind
  • Mover workers and inactivate supervisory organizations
  • Workday accounts Viewing personal data

Workday Integration (Technical) Course Content Reports

  • Report Writer Overview
  • Report Types
  • Standard report
  • Developing Simple, Advanced Reports.
  • Advance field calculations
  • Custom report Types
  • Sharing Reports
  • Data sources
  • Business Object
  • Scheduling reports.
  • How RW works

Calculated Fields

  • Calculated Field Concepts
  • System wide vs. Report Specific Calculated Fields
  • Global Calculated Fields (e.g. Constants)
  • Calculated Field Dependencies
  • Available Functions, such as:
  • Date Calculation and Formatting Functions
  • String and Text Functions
  • True/False Conditions
  • Evaluate Expression
  • Lookup Functions to leverage hierarchies
  • Functions that access Related Business Objects
  • Lookup Value as of Date
  • Arithmetic Calculations
  • Key Reports & Resources

Core Connectors

  • Integration Architecture Overview
  • Integration cloud Connect.
  • Integration System templates.
  • Core Connector: Worker.
  • Integration Services in Core connector.
  • Change Deduction Procedure in Core Connectors.
  • Integration business Process.


  • EIB Overview
  • EIB Design Pattern
  • EIB Limitations.
  • Workday Public Web services overview.
  • Workday Reports-as-a-Service
  • Developing an Inbound EIB.
  • Developing a Outbound EIB.
  • Custom Report Transformation.
  • EIB Features.
  • Loading Customer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB’s.

Workday Studio

  • Introducing Workday Studio
  • Workday Studio Install
  • Workday Studio Navigation Tips
  • Studio Run time Architecture
  • Features and Navigation of Workday Studio
  • Workday Studio Assemblies (integration systems) Components
  • Basic Flow of Control Between Assembly Components
  • Basics of Web Services, XSLT, and MVEL in Workday Studio

FAQ’s on Workday HCM Course Online Training

How to earn Workday HCM Certification?

Our associated training providers will guide you to achieve the certification. To earn a Workday HCM Certification, either your company should be a Workday partner or you should be a Workday employee or by joining the client directly. As a public you can’t access to the certification information since it is locked, you must login credentials to view the page.

What is required to take Workday HCM Certification Exam?

There are a number of certification tracks, for each there is a set of “Workday Pro” training.  So you pay for your training credits for a track and they give you a course, study guide and an exam.

There would be a multiple choice test, passing the exam the employer will have greater confidence in employee’s abilities to manage and enhance Workday HCM. Cannot assure the cost of the HCM exam (should login LMS), Workday may offer flexible plans to their partners/customers.

What are the Training Formats and Benefits?

Live online training let you experience the same instructor-led training as at Workday Human Capital Management education center from the convenience of your home, work or anywhere.

If you are choosing HCM workday training online you can attend the course events in the US from home or office or anywhere while traveling. You can participate remotely with the instructor and classmates to ask human capital management questions for answers and clarification.

What is Workday Human Capital Management Training and Placement?

Our Workday HCM placement training experience takes care of accelerating your hcm module skills in real-time solutions. You will engage with high-quality learning curriculum and training that you can expect from On-Site Course.

In Sprint ITS Workday HCM certification training providers who have collaborated with their clients to train students for specific skills to meet their organization job requirements. Also we will help the students to prepare resumes and market their skills to get hired soon as workday HCM functional consultant role.

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